Naked Blood

Naked blood. Some of the first pictures I ever did. With Model Dark Mia.

Vampire Sluts

Franka Stein as a Vampire slut.Unfortunately I have no link or name for the second model


Sweet kissing girls.Model Franka Stein and her girlfiend


Fotoshootings I did with StuntmanHarald from Incognito Stunts. For more about Incognito Stunts look at

June Zombie

Video game Zombie like shooting with model june. We used Kyrolan stageblood and some normal dirt 🙂

June Fresh Meat

I got a great deal in the supermarket. 3 pig hearts for the price of one 🙂 I couldn t resist […]

Big Knife

Franka Stein cutting a nice neck. Unfortunately I have no link or name for the second model

Wire Crown

Some bloody fun with Steffen Jung from Incognito Stunts. We used real barbwire and kyrolan stage blood.

Stuntmen – The Movie

A short movie I did some press and making of pictures for. For more information about this movie please visit the […]