Some new little burning

Some new burning pictures I did a view weeks ago. I hope you like them. Thants to Steffen Jung for […]

First of May Fire

Its an old tradition to make a big fire on may first, burn some witch or someone else who deserve […]

Hot Fire and Hot Legs

Some older hot fire pictures I did with Firedancer Petra fire from ProjectPQ last year in an old factrory. Guns, […]

Realy hot Fireplay

Thanks to Milka from Incognito Stunts and Petra from ProjectPQ for their great fireplay.

Fist of fire

Some of the pictures I did with Incongnito Stunts and their Burning Skin Gel last year. I haven`t hat enough […]

Meditating Fire

A new single picture added. Its the result of an burning skin gel test shooting with Incognito Stunts this summer. […]