My fascination for images and photography has developed has originated from the interest for motion pictures. This is why I sample moments that I try to bring to live in the mind of the observer. I enjoy playing with phantasy and emotions. Hence my name Stephan Strange. My first name is actually Stephan, so there is no reference to the cartoon character.
My focus is the idea and not a technology. For me photography and computer based editing do not contradict each other. I am always try to convey themes and phantasies, not a truth or a crisp realism.
I’m always interested in collaborations with models or other photographers that focus on results. Models with few experience are welcome as well. All of my images are available in high resolution of course. If you are interested in one image the or the other please be so kind to ask first for a copy as I do not wish to coincidently find my images in some other context or a low quality somewhere else.