Harley Quinn with guns

Harley Quinn inspiriert cosplay shooing. Acting crazy with some guns and weapon stuff. I is allways fun taken such pictures. But for me it is a hard way till the shoot happens. It is not easy finding a model for such kind of pictures . Most models are only interested in doing beauty and fashion stuff, hoping for a big career. And the other ones doing it for money. For me, taking pictures is just a hobby. Having a nice day with some fun is also important for me as getting some results.

Harley Quinn with gunsHarley Quinn with guns Harley Quinn with guns

I used a mobile mobile fogger for the shot. The so called Tiny Fogger. The tiny fogger ist mostly identical with the Antari M-1. And I am not very impressed. The battery realy sucks. It comes with a pre LiOn battery. It was a new one. freshly charged the night before. And after a few shots the batery was dead.

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