Classic Artistic nude fine art photography

Some sweet and sexy artistic nude black and white pictures of a young girls body. Artistic nude fine art photograpy. Done early this year in the cold and rainy time. I dont have done much black and white photography before. Ind I have never done artistic nude black &  white photography before. Normaly I am more a man of brightfull, well saturated colors. A bonbon or cartoon look. Always with an smiling eye. But this time I decided to try something in the artistic nude black and white corner. And here comes my problem. I have never been good at posing or telling someone how to pose. Espesially classic model poses. I am always not sure if it looks good or stupid. This is a big problem when posing is more as half of the game. So finding the right pose for a model is my big handicap. That means I have to try more, doing pictures like that. And that means I have to find more beautifull woman with nice bodys.

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