A gently touch

A gently touch between two girls. its a last years series of photography about two young woman in a bedroom […]

Red Kisses

Just two sweet girls, enjoing the kiss 🙂

The Red Room

A short view into the red room 🙂 A nother part of my photo session with thouse two nice girls. […]

Shadow Play

Two sweet girls playing together in front of a black background, with some backlight on thair bodys. I dont know […]

A little bit of Ass whipping

After all the Birds and animal stuff of the last weeks, its time for something naughty 🙂 I am still […]


Well to understand this wordplay you have to know the meaning on Wäscheständer. Literaly it means laundry rack or clothes […]


Sweet kissing girls.Model Franka Stein and her girlfiend