The Red Nun

The Red Nun. The end of April is canola field season in germany. The days are going wamer and the canola blossom turns whole areas into yellow oceans. Stuffed with an cheap whip and one of my old gas masks we went out for a fetish shoot. It is all ebay stuff. I bought the whip, the dress and apackage with several masks at ebay a view years ago .

The Red Nun - A gasmasked trip into a colorfull canola fieldIs allways fun to see the iritated faces of passing walkers while shooing such picures in public. 🙂 They can`t beleve what we are doing and starts moving quickly. Maybe they are afraid of becomming a part of the picture. By the way, it is a PVC Wetlook Dress. A red nun latex dress would be nicer. But a wetlook dress is much cheaper and it is hard to finde some one with a realy good latex dress.



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