Boudoir Mask

Boudoir Mask. Sexy lingerie pictures with a vintage style Boudoir Mask. A blond and inked model. In her bedroom. She is the first model I go via instagram. I thought it would never happened. Finding someone there is realy hard. Most people there are not fom germany.

Boudoir Mask Boudoir Mask

OK you would say I clould do it via Facebook. But I quit Facebook over one year ago. One reason was the “real name” thing. They don’t beleaved my name and want some proofes. I don’t prove my name. An I was not fine with there privacy settings. Most people there bark but don’t bite. They are obset about he changes but don’t quit. I think quitting is the only think that helps to change there policy. Facebook and Instagram are the same company. One service I cloul use as Stephan Strange, the other one not. That`s strange.

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